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K through 12

Education is one of the most important issues facing this country and Albuquerque is tackling it head-on. Students benefit from a wide range of educational programs, prestigious college prep schools, year-round and bilingual public schools, private schools, and a top rated university and community college.
Albuquerque’s educational system has risen to the demands of a growing population through innovation and one-on-one contact with students. From the Albuquerque Public Schools (APS) to the University of New Mexico, the quality and range of programs in the city continues to increase in step with Albuquerque’s population. The University of New Mexico defines a regional and national standard of excellence with its 11 degrees granting programs and distinguished research facilities.

The APS district is one of the largest in the U.S., with over 85,000 students. APS includes 79 elementary schools (K through grade 5), 24 middle schools (6 through 8), 11 regular high schools, and 6 alternative high schools for students with special needs. All APS schools offer special educational opportunities for handicapped and gifted students.

Parents are encouraged to discuss details of specific projects and facilities personally with principals and administrators. You can reach the APS Central Office at (505) 842-8211 or visit the web site at www.aps.edu. APS’s Community Relations Department also distributes a comprehensive information packet, including district boundary maps. Call (505) 842-3606 to order. Rio Rancho established its own school district in 1997, independent of APS. For more information, call Rio Rancho Pubic Schools at (505) 896-0667.

A complete list of high, middle and elementary schools is included in the information packet distributed by Community Relations Department.

Albuquerque has an excellent selection of private and parochial schools. Approximately 13% of Albuquerque’s children attend one of over 70 private or parochial schools in the community. The Albuquerque Academy is considered to be one of the area’s top private nondenominational schools, and is first among area independent schools in endowment.

Some of the larger private/parochial schools include the following:
Albuquerque Academy
Esquela del sol Montessori
Manzano Day School
Sandia Prep
Bosque Preparatory School
Immanuel Lutheran
Menaul School
Sunset Mesa

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