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Higher Education


Education is one of the most important issues facing this country and Albuquerque is tackling it head-on. Students benefit from a wide range of educational programs, prestigious college prep schools, year-round and bilingual public schools, private schools, and a top rated university and community college.

The University of New Mexico opened its doors in June 1892 with an enrollment of 25 students. Today, with over 30,000 students, it is the state’s largest university. Offering more than 4,000 courses with degree programs ranging from associate through doctorate, the university is nationally recognized for its programs in Latin American studies, anthropology, photography, biology, nuclear pharmacy, laser optics and environmental studies, among others.

Research is a top priority at UNM. Federal agencies, industry, national laboratories, foundations, and the state of New Mexico have provided $175 million in contracts and grants for UNM-sponsored projects ranging from engineering and medicine to education and the humanities. UNM is one of only 88 Carnegie Research 1 universities in the country. Undergraduate tuition per year for full-time residents is $2,241.60. For full time non-residents it is $8,461.20. Financial aid is available to undergraduate, graduate/professional and  non-degree/unclassified students.

The second largest post-secondary school in New Mexico with an enrollment of about 20,000 Albuquerque Technical Vocational Institute (TVI) is an accredited community college offering educational courses leading to certificates in 41 business, health, technology and trade occupations; associate degrees in 34 occupational and liberal arts fields; college transfers; and continuing education. TVI is the largest supplier of transfers to UNM and has an overall placement rate of about 93 percent. There is a $22.25 registration fee for credit courses, with occupational and developmental courses free to New Mexico residents. Tuition for liberal arts courses is $30.50/credit hour.

Other institutions of higher education located in the area are:

Chapman University
Franklin College
Pima Medical Institute

College of Santa Fe
Parks College
University of Phoenix

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